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We’re Here for Your Urgent Eye Concerns

At Sheppard Leslie Optometry, we are available to help you with urgent concerns regarding your eyes. Our eye doctors are trained and equipped to diagnose and treat most eye emergencies, from injuries to sudden, unexplained new symptoms. We’re also able to refer you to the appropriate specialist should that be necessary. 

Please contact us if you think you’re experiencing an eye-related emergency. Of course, use your best judgment to determine whether you should proceed straight to an emergency room.

Common Eye Emergencies

Flashes & Floaters

Seeing some specks, spots, or cobweb-like shadows in your field of vision occasionally is common. However, seeing a lot of these floaters suddenly may indicate a medical emergency. Floaters are microscopic fibres clumped together inside the vitreous fluid, that gel-like, clear substance inside your eye. The shadows these fibres cast on the retina cause you to see specks in your vision.

A sudden onset of new floaters and loss of peripheral vision accompanied by flashes of light are signs to seek emergency care. These symptoms might indicate a retinal tear or retinal detachment, which can cause permanent vision loss.

Scratches on the eye are known as corneal abrasions. Dust, dirt, paper, sharp objects, fingernails, or even contact lenses can scratch your eye and cause pain. While a minor corneal abrasion may heal on its own, it could also cause an infection or, in serious cases, a corneal ulcer.

Seek medical help if you experience pain, excessive tearing, a gritty sensation, redness, or sensitivity to light after having something stuck in your eye.

Always wear appropriate safety glasses when working with chemicals at home or work, otherwise you risk chemicals splashing into your eyes.

If you do get a chemical into your eye, flush your eye with clean, lukewarm water for at least 20 minutes. Remove your contact lenses before flushing the eye to avoid trapping chemicals or other debris. Do not rub your eye or use eye drops unless directed to do so by a medical professional. Depending on the type of chemical, the eye may need to be flushed for much longer.

Have someone call our office for advice while you’re flushing your eyes following chemical exposure.

If an object can’t be flushed out of the eye with water or by blinking, seek immediate medical attention. Never try to dislodge large or embedded objects and do not rub your eye.

Rapid Action Saves Sight

When an emergency strikes, getting timely care is important to save your vision. Your sight is too valuable to wait on. Call us immediately.

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